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  • Tutorials

    We have extensive tutorials ranging from how to assemble devices to how to code them using Scratch or the Arduino IDE.

  • Block Coding

    We have a modified version of scratch you can use to program and play with.

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  • 24/7 Help & Community

    We house a community of eager learners similar to you. Share your own games and even try other's games! Don't worry, all games are monitored before upload.

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  • Find your Inner Creativity

    The sky's the limit when you're coding, well really 256 KB is the limit but that is still a lot of code!

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Our Backstory

Create & Play Electronics was started when Michael, the CEO and founder, was attempting to create his own gaming device without any knowledge of STEM or electronic engineering. Due to the lack of resources he had, he relied on watching hundreds of youtube videos and spending thousands of dollars on useless equipment and components. During the long 4 year journey, he promised to himself once he found out how to create a gaming device from scratch, he would share it with the world, and that is exactly how Create & Play Electronics was made.

Our Favorite Kit: